Ed.D. Course Information

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AREA I (30 hours)

EDS 800 Program Orientation and Scholarly Writing
EDS 815 Curriculum Design for a Changing World
EDS 860 School Law and Ethics
EDS 851 School Resource utilization
EDS 845 Theory and Practice of Differentiated Instruction
EDS 846 Principles of Assessment Design and Application
EDS 823 Research I-Analysis and Evaluation of Research
EDS 824 Research II-Data Analysis
EDS 865 Research III-Implementation of Applied Research
EDS 877 Communication for Professional Practice 

Area II (27 Hours)

EDD 830 Philosophical Views In Education
EDD 831 Curriculum Evaluation for School Improvement in the K-12 Environment
EDD 841 Differentiated Instruction: A Paradigm for Embracing Student Diversity
EDD 847 Learning and Cognition: Theory to Implementation
EDD 856 Collaborative Communities: Innovative Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Environment
EDD 862 Educational Law and Policy
EDD 870 Advanced Assessment and Program Evaluation
EDD 899 Quantitative Research and Statistical Analysis
EDD 900 Qualitative Research and Analysis in Education

AREA III (minimum 9 hours)

Candidates may complete the dissertation process in 9 semester hours in the EDD 901, 904 and 907 courses (minimum requirement of 9 semester hours). Candidates may require up to 13 semester hours to complete the dissertation process ( EDD 901-3 hours, 902-1 hour, 903-1 hour, 904-3 hours, 905- 1 hour, 906-1 hour, and 907-3 hours).

EDD 901. Applied Dissertation I: Prospectus (3 hours)
(Requires Committee Approval)
EDD 902. Prospectus II (1 hour)
EDD903. Prospectus III (1 hour)
EDD 904. Applied Dissertation (3 hours)
EDD 905. Applied Dissertation (1 hour)
EDD 906. Applied dissertation (1 hour)
EDD 907. Applied Dissertation (3 hours)