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In addition to general education course requirements, the following courses outline the Theatre for Youth program.

Required (27 hours)
THE 150 Technical Theater practicum
THE 151 Acting Practicum
THE 205 Fund. Of Technical Theater
THE 210 Fund. Of Acting
THE 301 Theatre History I
THE 302 Theater History II
THE 305. Introduction to Scenic Design
THE 425. Advanced Technical Theatre
THE 460 Senior Project

Any one of the following three courses
THE 265. Makeup Design
THE 317. Lighting Design
THE 319. Costume Design

Electives (15 hours)
THE 265. Makeup Design
ENG/THE 311 Drama
THE 317. Lighting Design
THE 319. Costume Design
THE 420 Selected Topics in Theatre (may be repeated up to 12 hours)
THE 435. Advanced Scene Design
And any other 200-level or above theatre courses beyond those required above.