School of Nursing & Health Sciences

Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS)

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This organization was formalized Fall semester 2000 with both junior and senior students participating. Officers of the chapter include:

  • President
  • Vice President 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • Parliamentarian 
  • Activities Coordinator 
  • Recruitment/Publicity 

Our congratulations and thanks to all those who worked tirelessly to get this very worthwhile association "up and running"!

All members have been quite busy working on organization bylaws, electing officers, planning activities, and publicizing their existence.  One of the first items of business was to initiate their chapter newsletter,"The Heartbeat," for circulation not only to nursing students, but also to nursing majors and the entire campus.

Enthusiasm and activity continues to be abundant in this group, and they have planned many varied events in an effort to further the purposes of GANS and the National Association of Nursing Students (NSNA).

All members are now working diligently to propel GANS to the forefront on the campus and in the community. They are busy recruiting underclassmen and serving as professional role models for them and other future nursing majors, becoming involved in community activities, and enhancing their knowledge of the nursing profession.

Under the capable guidance of chapter faculty advisors, GANS members have demonstrated their intent to represent the nursing profession and Piedmont College in a very positive and professional manner. They are great ambassadors for Piedmont College and the nursing profession!

If you are a nursing major at Piedmont or are thinking of attending our nursing school, please consider joining this exciting and meaningful organization. For additional information, call the School of Nursing at (706)776-0116.  You will be WELCOMED!