Compass Points


Experiences beyond the Piedmont campuses in which students apply skills in endeavors that make a discernible impact toward meeting a community need

Service occurs in many forms. Volunteers willingly provide assistance to accomplish an aim for an organization. Physical activity may play a key role as caring individuals generously donate time. Like service, learning is aroused in numerous contexts; however, it sometimes seems detached from real-life circumstances. A student may be eager to apply newly-acquired knowledge to a social context that cries for attention.  Service-Learning calls for the marriage of time and talent. This compass point encourages students to discover how their education gives them the capacity to make a difference in the world. Students who engage in service-learning are expected to participate in making decisions regarding the best way to accommodate a need, to engage in activities that require them to think as they see firsthand why assistance is warranted. When hands and minds are summoned at once, service and learning become inextricably intertwined.

Examples of projects that exemplify service-learning:

• The outdoor club performs yearly work hikes on the Bartram Trail;

• Nursing students offer hearing, vision, and scoliosis screening at elementary schools;

• Students mentor in local schools through the Habersham County Mentoring Program;

• Natural sciences students work with the Upper Oconee Watershed Network, volunteering at quarterly monitoring events;

• Math club students visit area high schools presenting the Menager Sponge theory to math classes;

• Students in an education course serve as video production team and tech consultants to support initiatives with a local elementary school.