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Dr. Sean Carrigan
Professor of Chemistry
Chair, Department of Natural Sciences

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry - University of Georgia (1996)
B.S. Chemistry - Rhode Island College (1990)

Classes in General, Organic, and Analytical Chemistry, General Physical Science and undergraduate student research in chemistry.

American Chemical Society (Northeast Georgia Section) - Member and Past-Chair (2008)
American Association of University Professors-Member
Piedmont College Student Chapter of American Chemical Society Founding Sponsor (Chapter started 2010)

Research interests include molecular modeling, organic synthesis and analytical chemistry.

Conformational Analysis and Molecular Modeling of Tapentadol:  Effect of Temperature of Active Conformations. Kasie Hughes , S. Carrigan - Spring 2012

The Effect Of Alkyl Substitution on acid catalyzed hydrolysis of acetate esters. Merrissa Gallegos, S Carrigan - Spring 2010   (Presented at ACS Conference New Orleans - Dec 2010)

Synthesis and Evaluation of Sulfonamide Nitrogen Substituted Derivatives of Sulfanilamide.  Tonya Fowler, S. Carrigan - Spring 2008

Transition Metal Complex Catalysis of Chemoluminescence of Luminol.  Anthony Baldridge, Lu Elrod , S. Carrigan – Spring 2006 (Presented at ACS - Augusta 2007)

The Effect of Chloride on Quantitative Ca Measurements using AAS and Fluorescence.  Alan Reagan , S. Carrigan Spring 2006 (Presented at ACS – Augusta 2007).

French Vanilla Fragrance Radical Stabilization Ricardo Obando , S. Carrigan Spring 2004

An Analysis of Formaldehyde in Cigarette Smoke. Maryjo Staples , S. Carrigan Spring 2004

Testing Influents and Effluents of Sewage Treatment Plants for Non-prescription Drugs. Courtney Ragan , S. Carrigan – Spring 2004

An Analysis of Surface Waters in Habersham County Using HPLC and AAS. Stephen Ball , S. Carrigan - Spring 2003