Chemistry Education


The major in chemistry education requires 65 hours, beyond the General Education requirements, comprised of the following courses:

Professional Education Sequence

EDSE 102. Explorations in Secondary Education
EDSE 201. Explorations in Secondary Education
EDSE 202. Explorations in Secondary Education
EDSE 301.* Explorations in Secondary Education
EDSE 302. Explorations in Secondary Education

Professional Year

Facilitating Learning and Assessment I
Apprentice Teaching I
Psychology of Adolescence
Reading and Writing in the Content Fields
Facilitating Learning and Assessment II
Exceptional Children
Apprentice Teaching II

Content Courses

General Physics I
Qualitative Inorganic Analysis
Instrumental Analysis
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Inorganic Chemistry
Philosophy and Methodology of Science
Physical Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry II/Quantum Mechanics
Science Seminar

* Students admitted to the secondary education cohort during their general education program will enroll in the one (1) hour Explorations class. Transfer students and Piedmont students who declare a secondary education major at the start of their junior year will be required to enroll in Explorations for three (3) hours credit in order to introduce previously developed strands explored during the earlier general education sequence. Students who opt for secondary education after the fall of their junior year will be advised to pursue the Dual-Degree Program.

Refer to the Current Catalog for details.