art-student-kf4m2374Compass Points

Creativity and Innovation

Experiences in which students design or develop a product that serves a purpose, cultivates understanding, or is otherwise aesthetic or effective

The word 'creativity' easily evokes images of artistic expression: visual arts, dance, theatre, music, poetry. Although creativity is associated with the arts, it need not be confined to what is beautiful or pleasing to the senses. Creativity, along with innovation, infuses any effort with novelty; a creative approach to a task employs ingenuity or resourcefulness. The compass point known as Creativity and Innovation may encompass one or more of the fine arts, but also can steer plans in unconventional directions. Students may invent strategies that promote efficiency or productivity in the workplace, church, volunteer organizations, or countless other settings. Outcomes of creativity or innovation may be tangible, such as a publication, performance, a piece of machinery, or increased revenue. Alternatively, creativity and innovation could be apparent in time saved, or in feelings of joy, delight, or contentment.

Examples of activities that could lead to the Creativity and Innovation Compass Point:

• Members of the film club produce a documentary about campus life.

• A student attends monthly contra dances at the Sautee Nacoochee Center.

• Business students offer consulting projects for local businesses and organizations.

• A person employed in retail sales implements a new approach to interpersonal relations.

• A student directs the annual Christmas pageant at a local church.

• Kappi Pi joins forces with Schticks and Giggles to organize an "empty bowls" fundraiser.