Compass Points

alpha chi kf4m0472Leadership

Experiences in which students assume leadership roles suited for varied contexts to achieve specified outcomes

Leadership customarily entails shaping a vision, while enlisting the participation of others in progressing toward that aim. Perhaps leadership is most readily apparent when someone holds an established position of authority. But how a leader carries out responsibilities or galvanizes support for a vision determines the degree of success. Some people stress actions over words, leading by example. Others adopt a model of collaborative leadership, partnering with rather than directing their co-workers.  Servant-leaders set aside hierarchy, making the needs of those being served a priority. Different settings call for varied models of leadership. When seeking this compass point, students may hone their skills in contexts in which they serve in active leadership roles. They may adopt a trait or methodology to gather anecdotal data that illustrates the level of effectiveness.  As another approach, students may observe or interact with individuals who hold leadership positions.

Examples of activities suited for the Leadership Compass Point:

• An internship working with a community leader, perhaps an elected official;

• Working as a resident assistant;

• Serving as an officer of a club;

• Enrolling in Leadership Habersham;

• Planning a forum comprised of leaders who embody contrasting styles of leadership.