Student Life

Club and Organization Regulations

Application for Recognition: An organization seeking recognition must submit the following information in writing to the Student Affairs Cabinet:

A) Organization name;

B) Purpose (including an explanation of why the organization is desirable on Piedmont's campus and how the club assists in promoting the College's mission);

C) Qualifications for membership;

D) Fees, dues, and other considerations for membership;

E) Officer and leadership structure;

F) Time and manner of election of officers;

G) Number of students wishing to join;

H) Faculty or staff advisor;

I) Explanation of any extra-campus affiliation (e.g. national parent organization);

J) Time and location of meetings; and

K) Names of prospective members who will serve as spokesperson(s) for the organization during the recognition process.

Within the first semester of the organization's existence, it must submit a draft copy of its constitution. Upon approval of the Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions, that constitution may be submitted to the membership for ratification. Clubs in the recognition process may utilize campus resources. After the first full semester of existence, clubs with inactive files will be ineligible for inter-club funds and/or other campus resources.

Active/Inactive Status: If clubs plan to utilize any campus resources, they must apply for "active status" at the beginning of each fall term. A club that remains inactive for two consecutive major semesters will need to reapply for recognition as a campus organization. The following are the requirements for "active status":

1. Timely notification of intent to the SGA.
2. Names and phone numbers of student officers and club advisor
3. Copy of the current constitution on file.

Clubs will be required to make a brief written status report each spring. The report should include a brief summary of the past year's activities and any plans for the upcoming year. These reports will be considered by the SGA and the Dean of Student Affairs in future programming and budgetary decisions.

The Dean of Student Affairs reserves the right to disband any student organization that violates the rules and regulations of the College as set forth in official publications or which functions in such a manner as to discredit the College.

Inter-Club Funds: Any club in active status may obtain a list of eligibility requirements to apply for Inter-Club funds through the SGA. Requests for funds must be in by stated deadlines. Limited funds are available for such things as transportation, postage, fund-raisers, campus programs, etc. Available funds are intended to supplement clubs, not financially support them. Funds may not be used to pay personal expenses incurred by members of clubs. Applications for funds will be reviewed by the Inter-Club Council (ICC), and appropriations will follow in a timely manner. Funds will be appropriated once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester.

All clubs requesting funds through ICC must sponsor at least two fund raising events (such as a booth at Homecoming) prior to making such requests.

Because of "active status requirement #2" (Election of officers), it is recommended that clubs elect officers at the end of spring semester for the following fall. Failure to do so may make it difficult to meet "active status" before funding deadlines.

Financial Responsibility: The Piedmont College Business Office will maintain accounts for any properly recognized student organization. Upon presentation of a written request signed by the organization's treasurer and countersigned by the sponsor, the Business Office will disburse to the organization such funds or portion thereof, which have been deposited with the College in the name of the organization. All disbursements must follow established Business Office policy for disbursing College funds. No student, organization, or sponsor will disburse or commit funds in excess of those deposited in its name with the Business Office.

Campus Displays: While creative promotion of events and programs is encouraged, displays, posters, notices, banners, etc., may not litter the campus nor damage the property of the College. Displays that are obscene, deemed offensive, or interfere with the normal operation of the College are prohibited. Campus displays must be removed in a timely manner and must be displayed in appropriate locations. Failure to do so may result in termination of a club's rights to post campus displays. Club posters may not be posted on windows or on exterior doors of campus buildings. All displays or posters must be approved by the Director of Campus Life prior to their posting or display.

Club Conduct and Responsibility: Activities of organizations must conform to the organization's stated purpose, may not cause a disturbance, may not interfere with the regular operation of the College and must conform in conduct and programming to the mission of Piedmont College. Piedmont College holds each organization responsible for the actions of its members and their guests at all times. Student organizations are also held responsible for all damages resulting from club activities. Outside activities, parades, student rallies, and other such gatherings must be cleared through the Director of Campus Life.

Eligibility and Officers:

A. Active membership shall be limited to regularly enrolled students.
B. Three semester hours is the minimum academic load for any student participating in a student organization.
C. A student must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to be eligible to serve as an officer of a student organization.