School of Business

Undergraduate Course Requirements

1. Students lacking an undergraduate degree in business from a regionally accredited institution must successfully complete the prerequisite undergraduate course work listed below prior to enrolling in certain M.B.A. courses. The prerequisite course work must be taken at a regionally accredited institution and a grade of “C” or better must be earned. Students admitted to the M.B.A. program can elect to take the undergraduate courses listed below at Piedmont College at the graduate credit hour rates.

Piedmont equivalent course:
ACC 201. Financial Accounting  3 hours
ACC 202. Managerial Accounting  3 hours
ECON 121. Principles of Economics  3 hours
BA 403. Survey of Marketing and Management  3 hours
or BA 301 Management  3 hours
and BA 320. Marketing  3 hours

Course Descriptions

In the case of the management and marketing requirement, BA 403 will satisfy the students’ need for marketing alone, management alone, or both.

2. A minimum of 36 semester graduate credit hours (12 courses) are required.

3. The capstone course is a comprehensive program evaluation and the culmination of the M.B.A. program. The capstone culminating individual project is a written industry analysis, a formal presentation, and a critique of both by external evaluators.

4. The M.B.A. program of study with highly structured course offerings makes effective use of resources and allows students to effectively integrate their studies into their professional and personal lives.

Required Courses for M.B.A.
All Courses are 3 Credit Hours
M.B.A. 610. Managerial Ethics
M.B.A. 620. Strategic Marketing
M.B.A. 622. Global Economic Analysis
M.B.A. 631. Leadership
M.B.A./ACC 643. Financial Investment Analysis
M.B.A./ACC 650. Corporate Financial Analysis
M.B.A./ACC 653. Managerial Accounting
M.B.A. 660. Statistics for Value Chain Analysis
M.B.A. 661. Project Management Analysis
M.B.A. 682. Legal Environment and Strategic Human Resource Management
M.B.A. 690. Governance and Strategic Management Analysis
M.B.A. 691. Capstone of Contemporary Issues

Course Descriptions