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Dr. Timothy Menzel
Associate Professor of Biology

PhD in Entomology, Mississippi State University, 2006
MS in Biological Sciences, Southeastern Louisiana University, 2003
BS in Biology, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, 200
BA in Political Science, Rowan University (Formerly Glassboro State College), 1993.

Ecology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Science, General Biology, GIS and Invertebrate Zoology. I also teach graduate content courses for our Middle Grades and Secondary Education Masters Programs, including: Ecological Concepts, Plant Diversity and Animal Diversity.

I am a member of the Association of Southeastern Biologists and the Association for Biology Laboratory Education. I am also a participant in the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance and the Ecological Research as Education Network. At Piedmont College, I am a member of the College Library Committee, Faculty Sponsor of Alpha Chi National Scholastic Honor Society and Advisor to the Biology Club.

Although my doctorate is in entomology, I am a general ecologist with an interest in all things ecological. I have engaged in research involving insects (ants, specifically), birds, rodents, amphibians and plants. Most of my current research is done with undergraduate students as a part of the Department of Natural Science’s senior research program. My students and I are currently engaged in two separate projects targeting rare plant species in Georgia, in conjunction with the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance.

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