Admission to Teacher Education

Information for Initial Certification Advisors

Beginning in fall 2012 the process for applying for Admission to Teacher Education has changed. In order to ensure that students have a background check and insurance through a professional membership before they enroll in education classes, all education majors will submit their application for admission to the program as soon as they declare an education major or when they are admitted to the college as an education major.

The main points of the new process are as follows:

  1. Students receive a letter from Admissions telling them to apply for ATE and providing links to the electronic application, as well as to background check and professional membership sites.
  2. The application includes an information page, the Code of Conduct, and Personal Affirmation, all of which must be signed electronically.
  3. The application is automatically submitted to Libby Willis’s email inbox, and from there it is scanned onto RUMI. The background check and membership confirmation are also emailed to her.
  4. The last page of the electronic application provides a link to ‘Additional Requirements for Full Admission to Teacher Education,’ which delineates these requirements and lets students know that their advisor will guide them through the rest of the process.
  5. Once new students enrollment is verified (after drop/add week), a file is made for each new student and information is entered in the database. This way, candidates can be tracked to ensure that they are fully admitted before student teaching or second semester of their apprenticeship.
  6. Because the application is submitted without an advisor signature, a new ‘Advisor Verification Form’ has been created to ensure that advisors are consulted, so that they can provide information and approval for each candidate’s application.  It is available on the SOE website on the Faculty/forms link. It is password protected to limit access to faculty only.