Piedmont Daniel HallSchool of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences fulfills the mission of Piedmont College by serving as the liberal arts core of the institution, bringing together diverse courses of study in a collaborative, informative, and creative manner. The School offers majors and minors in a broad range of undergraduate disciplines through departmental and interdisciplinary programs; provides the comprehensive general education foundation for all students at the College; and supports professional programs with content courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

General Education Philosophy

The primary commitment of the School of Arts and Sciences is to the educational enrichment and multidisciplinary learning of our students in a supportive environment. Through the liberal arts curriculum, the School promotes the development of eight abilities which support the effective use of content found in the courses at the College. These abilities are:

1) written communication;

2) oral communication;

3) critical thinking skills;

4) technology;

5) cross cultural awareness;

6) aesthetics;

7) valuing;

8) methodology.

As a result of the focus of the general education (core curriculum) program, Piedmont College graduates are better prepared to pursue their chosen careers and/or graduate and professional study, and to contribute to shaping the evolving cultural, ethical, political, and aesthetic values important to global citizenship.