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In addition to general education course requirements, students earning an Arts Administration degree will complete the following courses:

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Fine Arts Courses

All Arts Administration students take 27 hours of fine arts courses. Nine credit hours are required for each fine arts area.

Required Art Courses

Art History
Graphic Design 1
Website Design

Required Music Courses

Music History
Applied Music Lessons (1 hour each. 3 hours required)
Ensembles (1 hour each. 3 hours required)

Required Theatre Courses

Fundamentals of Technical Theatre
Fundamentals of Acting
Theatre Management

Concentration Courses

Students are required to pick a concentration and complete the 18 credit hours under that concentration.

Art Concentration

Drawing 1
Two-Dimensional Design
Art History
Art Electives: 9 hours of Graphic Design or Studio Art

Music Concentration

Harmony 1
Music Skills 1 (1 hour)
Music History
Applied Music or Ensembles (2 hours)
Music Electives

Theatre Concentration

Children's Theatre
Theatre History I
Theatre History II
Scenic Design
Lighting Design


Business Requirements

In addition to fine arts courses, students are required to take 21 hours of business classes.

Business Foundations

Accounting I
Marketing  BA 200 and ECON 121 are prerequisites
Facilities & Event Management

Business Electives

(Choose three)

Financial Analysis
Advertising and Promotion
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
Negotiation and Conflict Management



Students will complete three semesters of Internship; one course per semester. Two must be within the desired concentration, the other out of concentration.


Capstone Course

Student will complete a capstone course in their desired concentration.