business students kf4m0058Compass Points


Experiences which expose students to intellectual and professional pursuits as a means of clarifying their passion while cultivating a sense of calling and responsibility through discernment of their gifts, talents, skills and potential

Writer and theologian Frederick Buechner describes true vocation as "where your deep gladness meets the world's deep need." Finding that meeting place necessitates immersion in professional environments to determine which tasks cultivate gladness and which settings present abiding needs. Connecting the quest for a career to one's interior journey lends balance to the process. This compass point enables students to apply academic interests to prospective workplace settings, to sample possibilities for employment that will not merely be one's livelihood, but the realization of a calling. Planning for the future can play a powerful role in getting a job. Students will grow adept at articulating what they can offer an organization, an inclination that benefits both employer and employee.

Examples of projects that cultivate a sense of vocation:

• Completing internships in both corporate and non-profit settings;

• Researching an interest area and related occupations;

• Interviewing people in various fields of work;

• Traveling to an area where a particular need of the world is evident;

• Completing a series of exercises related to vocational discernment.