Why Piedmont?

Excerpt from an interview with alumna Mallory Dumas on small colleges.
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What is different about Piedmont’s mass communications program?

Unlike many other colleges’ programs, Piedmont’s mass communications program includes all areas of the industry rather than requiring a specialization. With a core curriculum that includes print and broadcast media writing, television and radio production, web design, advertising and communications law, our program gives students a chance to explore their interests and become more well-rounded. Students graduating from Piedmont’s mass communications program have skills and knowledge across the industry, making them more attractive to employers.

What facilities and technology are available?

Piedmont’s mass communications department is housed in the state-of-the-art Swanson Center, built in 2007. The building features an integrated newsroom designed by CNN, Mac lab with 18 computer stations, TV and radio studios, classroom space and a screening room. Take a virtual tour of our facilities.

Students have access to technology and equipment at any time during their time in the program. At larger schools, equipment may not always be available to students. At Piedmont, students can check out cameras, recorders and other equipment necessary to complete class or personal projects.

Will I be involved as a freshman?

Students begin participating in our program their freshman year. Freshmen take mass comm. classes their first semester. Other programs may make you wait until your junior or senior year to begin the program, but, at Piedmont, freshmen are involved right away.
Freshmen and first-year transfers are also a large part of student media production. Our freshmen work on television and radio programs, on the newspaper, yearbook and magazine, and produce their own radio shows.

How can students get involved in Piedmont mass communications?

There are a variety of student media productions and other activities that students can produce content for. Our student media includes:
  • The Navigator, bi-weekly newspaper
  • WRFP, radio station
  • PC TV, TV station
  • Yonahonian, yearbook
  • PC Debate team
  • The Roar, PC Student Media Hub
For more information about student media and how you can be involved, check out our student media site.

Why would I choose a small college program?

Classes average less than 15 people and professors know you as a person, not just a number. All surveys of Piedmont students indicate that the close relationship with the professors is the number one reason they are happy with their experience at Piedmont. Freshmen and sophomores get to utilize the equipment and participate in the activities of the department right away, unlike larger programs. Every semester a number of our students work as beat reporter interns for the Northeast Georgian, a local publication.

Do you have great facilities?

We are in a new 14 million dollar building that has a newsroom designed by the same people who designed the international studios at CNN. We had a lot of help from CNN professionals when we designed the building and they remain a close partner of ours. We have radio stations, screening room, Mac Lab, TV studio, control room and super classroom space. Take a virtual tour.

What internships and trips are available to students?

In the past 2 years we sent students on many trips including: a United Nations conference in Washington, D.C.; an international conference of delegates at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York; the National Association of Television Program Executives conference in Las Vegas; the New York Times student editors conference in New York City; to chase tornados with consultants to the Weather Channel; and to film a pro football game for the Jacksonville Jaguars. In addition, students participate in many different internship opportunites including CNN, Star 94 and newspapers throughout the region. Check out our internships.

Do graduates of your program get jobs?

We have a high success rate with our graduates working in the field. Employers love the fact that students know a lot about different areas. We keep in close contact with our alumni and they come back regularly to talk to students about their experiences. Their employers visit us as well. Our alumni have jobs at places as varied as The Food Network in New York City and the Swedish Broadcasting System in Stockholm.


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