Student Leadership Council

What is SLC?

SLC stands for Student Leadership Council. The Mass Communications department SLC is comprised of leaders in Piedmont’s student media. SLC members receive a scholarship for their work.

What positions make up SLC?

  • Editor-in-chief of The Navigator
  • 6 section editors of The Navigator
  • Photojournalist
  • Copy Editor
  • Yearbook Editor
  • Assistant Yearbook Editor
  • TV Station Manager
  • Assistant TV Station Manager
  • Debate Team President
  • Radio Station Manager
  • Assistant Radio Station Manager
  • Mass Communications Webmaster
  • Media Manager
  • Marketing Director

What does SLC do?

SLC members, along with leading student media, are involved in all facets of the mass communications department. The Student Leadership Council is responsible for coordinating several events within the department. These events include:

  • Annual Freshman Mixer: held in the fall semester for members of SLC to meet new students in the department
  • Mass Communications Experience Day: held in conjunction with the PC Admissions department to introduce high school students to the mass communications program
  • Annual Mass Communications Awards Day: held at the end of spring semester to award students and faculty in the department

Do students I be a mass communications major or minor to serve on SLC?

No, students from any major may apply for an SLC position. Students on the SLC range from education to business and mass communications majors.

How can I apply for a position?

SLC positions generally open at the end of spring semesters. Contact Dr. Dale Van Cantfort, chair of the mass communications department for an application. For more information about specific positions, contact one of the following:

The Navigator (Newspaper)
Professor Ramsey Nix
Professor Jennifer Arbitter
Yonahian (Yearbook)
Professor Abbi Oakley
WRFP (Radio)
Dr. Dale Van Cantfort

PC Debate
Dr. Janice Moss

Web Design - Webmaster
Professor Abbi Oakley


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