Introduction to WEPA

Beginning with Fall Semester 2013, students will print their documents using WEPA kiosks which are conveniently located around both Demorest and Athens campuses. With WEPA, users can now upload their documents from anywhere by using the WEPA website, Piedmont lab and public access computers, personal computers or even a smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android only).

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WEPA Instructional Videos

How to Print Using the WEPA Now Website:

How to Print from a Lab Computer:

How to Add Funds to Your WEPA Account:

WEPA Printing Kiosk Locations


Daniel Hall 305
Stewart Hall 306
Camp Hall 311
Center for Worship and Music Piano Lab
Swanson Center News Room
Smith-Williams Art Studios 2nd Floor Design Lab
Arrendale Library 3rd Floor Public Access Area


Lane Hall Library Public Access Area
The Commons Main Entrance
The Commons 204 West