Online Courses

A new tutorial is available on how to succeed as an online learner at Piedmont College. This tutorial supports new and experienced online students in assessing their individual readiness for online classes and learning Moodle basics.

To access the Online Learning at Piedmont College go to account and click on "Student Moodle Guide."

Online Courses

Online courses hold no face-to-face meetings during a course term, including no face-to-face orientation meetings. An online course is managed totally with online communications, learning management systems such as Moodle, and other distance-learning tools. The course requires interactive dialogue and all assignments are submitted electronically. Course exams and quizzes are administered via Moodle or through an arranged proctored exam based on individual course requirements.

Hybrid Courses

A hybrid course integrates a mix of online instructional strategies and technologies with a limited number of face-to-face meetings.

Online and hybrid courses will begin and end on the same dates as traditional cources.
Any other courses meeting in a traditional face-to-face setting with a mix of online technologies, such as Moodle, would be considered a course supplemented with technology.