Benefits & Overview

What Can An MBA Do For Me?

Higher Wages:

Class of 2006 U.S. MBA graduates received an average annual salary of $95,000 before
bonuses. (Source: Business Week survey of MBA students).


Enhancing management skills for someone with a technical background offers greater opportunity for advancement.

Multiple Employment Offers:

More than two-thirds of MBA graduates, graduating in 2006, received multiple offers.
(Source: Business Week survey of MBA students)

Friendship and Networking:

Students benefit from team interaction with MBA students from diverse backgrounds. Team projects create adult learning classroom experiences and lay the foundation for life-long friendships and invaluable networking opportunities.

Open new doors:

An MBA can provide the opportunity for career change and/or advancement options.

Personal growth:

The MBA program provides a professionally challenging and intellectually stimulating experience as well as the opportunity to broaden one’s interpersonal skills.