M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education Courses

Prerequisite Degree: Bachelor’s

The Initial Certification Program of Study is designed to meet the needs of candidates who do not hold a teacher certification. Prior to Admission to Teacher Education the candidate must pass or exempt the GACE basic Skills Tests (may not complete more than 9 courses until satisfied, including approved transfer courses). After completing the program of study, the candidate must pass the GACE ECE to be recommended for an initial certification.

58 hours of study to complete program

Required early in program unless previously satisfied:
EDUC 610. Human Growth and Development (may CLEP)
EDUC 655. E ducation of Exceptional Children

Course Requirements (39 hours)

EDUC 599. Graduate Orientation: This course is non-transferable;must be completed at Piedmont College (1 hour Institutional Credit required first semester)
EDUC 600. Educational Assessment
EDUC 601 Instructional Media and Technology
or EDUC 702 Integrating Instructional Media and Technology
EDUC 628 Literature for Children: Expanding Students’ Reading Abilities and Interests
EDUC 631. Reading Methods
EDUC 632. Language Arts
EDUC 638. Advanced Assessment and Instruction in Reading
EDUC 639. Exploration and Analysis of Reading Environments
EDUC 642. Critical Thinking and Creativity in the Classroom
or EDUC 735 Advanced Curriculum/Interdisciplinary Instruction
EDUC 690. Classroom Management
EDUC 699. Methods and Interpretation of Educational Research
EDUC 703. Social, Cultural, and Ethical Perspectives of Education
EDEC 788. Capstone (must be taken semester prior to student teaching or semester following student teaching). This course is non-transferable; must be completed at Piedmont College.

Contentand Methodology (9 hours)

(All selections are based on transcript analysis)

Select three minimum (others may be required)

EDUC 622. Health and Physical Education in the Classroom
EDUC 624. The Fine Arts in Education
EDUC 630. Mathematics Methods in Education
EDUC 634. Social Studies Methods in Education
EDUC 636. Science Methods in Education

Student Teaching Block  (12 hours)

(15 weeks ST/1 year internship:)
EDUC 736. Contextual Analysis of a School Environment
EDEC 742. Student Teaching (K-5)
or 744/745. or Internship (P-5)

Optional Courses

(if needed; must be approved by Department Chair)
EDUC 607. Fundamentals of Learning and Cognition
EDUC 656. Essentials of Collaboration and Inclusion
SPA 580. Spanish for the Classroom
EDUC 701. Critical Analysis of Current Trends and Issues in Education
EDUC 712. Group Processes and Interpersonal Skills
EDUC 730. School Law