Certification in Drama Education

In order to be recommended by Piedmont College for Georgia Certification in Drama Education (P-12) you must meet the following criteria:

1. Hold a bachelor’s degree from a PSC-accepted accredited institution
2. Maintain a GPA of 2.5 on all coursework completed for certification
3. Pass or exempt the appropriate GACE Basic Skills Test within the first 12 semester hours
4. Complete the Admission to Teacher Education Process, as a prerequisite to student teaching or internship.  
5. When appropriate, Piedmont College will accept the professional learning unit (PLU), teaching internship, and/or other experiences in lieu of the same or similar college credit courses for post-baccalaureate candidates. No education course (except for content courses) that was taken 10 or more years ago will be accepted.    In order for Piedmont College to recommend certification, at least 27 semester hours must be taken at Piedmont College.
6. Complete (or have completed the equivalent in the undergraduate degree program) the following courses with a grade of "C" or above:

THE 205 Fundamentals of Technical Theatre
THE 210 Fundamentals of Acting
THE 230 Children’s Theatre    
THE 301 Theatre History I
THE 302 Theatre History II
THE 400 Theatre Education*
THE 410 Fundamentals of Directing*
THE 460 Senior Theater  Project*

*Must be taken at Piedmont College after Fall, 2006

EDUC 199  Intro. to Education
EDUC 250 0r  601 Media and Technology
EDUC 355 or 655  Exceptional Children
EDUC 360  Practicum
(apply by posted deadline prior sem.)
(required at different level from student teaching)
EDUC 537  Reading and Writing in Content Areas
EDUC 401  The Multicultural Classroom OR   EDUC 703 Social, Cultural, Ethical Perspectives

Professional Semester:


EDUC 497 or 690 Classroom Management
EDUC 736 Contextual Analysis of School Env.
THE 499 Student Teaching
(apply by posted deadline prior sem.)                    
OR  THE 444/445 Internship                                             

1. Program requirements are based on transcript evaluation by the Department Chair
2. A minimum of 15 semester hours beyond the professional semester must be completed at Piedmont College
3. Successful completion of this program DOES NOT lead to a degree, but does lead to recommendation for a T-4 Drama Education Certificate.