About Travel Study

Every year at Piedmont College students participate in learning opportunities that take them around the world. The purpose of the travel time is to enrich the learning experience with face-to-face interactions with people from around the world. Students can experience life in countries such as Spain, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Costa Rica, just to name a few possibilities.

Examples of the learning experiences include a recent Spanish Odyssey designed by Religion and Spanish professors who provided opportunities to engage with the culture and religious heritage of several regions in Spain, or an Anthropology professor and an Education professor collaborating on an adventure to Peru to study the indigenous peoples and the impact that culture has on education. Every year, an Art professor takes a group of 10 Art majors to Japan to experience a specific type of ceramic firing carried out once per year in a remote village. Click links at the left and learn more about travel/study!

Read comments from previous travelers:

NYC: …dinner at Arturo’s the first night was lovely. The food was very good, and the atmosphere was so “old New York neighborhood.” I sat there realizing that I was finally there, with good people, and a whole week of astonishment ahead of me. I would go back right this minute, if I could.

Spain: My trip to Spain was an experience of a lifetime. Some favorite parts were the air plane ride, getting to see all the different works of art that I have adored over the years.

Alaska: The best part of the trip was the 15 hours of daylight we had to enjoy in the state. The native Alaskan Heritage Center was fabulous, especially the opportunity to talk with native Alaskans. I learned so much on this visit. Walking on a glacier was an experience of a lifetime!

Peru: My favorite part of the trip was experiencing a new culture and everything that comes along with it. The tastes, smells, and sights made this trip unlike anywhere I have ever been.