Featured People

Hammonds 2 IMG 8675Talia Hammonds

Sophomore, Business

“College is so much different than high school, and going to a small school has been very good for me. I get that one-on-one interaction with professors. They give you all of their contact information so you can reach them when you need them. The professors are always there for you.”

“I have lived in Athens my whole life and Piedmont’s Athens campus is only five minutes from my house. I never have to worry about going to and from classes.”

“Piedmont is a great school and I recommend any student to come here. We are like one big happy family because we are so small. I believe any other students would really like it.”



LovernPhoto0523Dr. Beth Lovern

Teaching Fellow, Anthropology

Piedmont College – Athens Campus

"Piedmont College-Athens Campus is a welcoming environment with something for every type of student. I consider myself fortunate to teach at Piedmont-Athens because of the relationships I’m able to build and the school's emphasis on critical thinking. In our frequent classroom discussions and activities the students share their knowledge and perspectives, exhibiting a stimulating combination of curiosity, enthusiasm, and maturity."

"I’m so proud of how my Piedmont-Athens students rise to the challenges that they are presented with both in and out of the classroom. Seeing how a Piedmont College education enhances the personal and professional lives of our students makes me confident of the positive role of Piedmont-Athens in our community and beyond."