Music Venues

chapel-kf4m2387The primary location for performance by the Department of Music is the Chapel. The Chamber Singers, Cantabile, Wind Ensemble, Chorale, and all other ensembles practice and perform in the building. The Cantabile and other small ensembles will also perform in the Arrendale Amphitheater throughout the year at campus events.


The Chapel has pew and balcony seating, the space holds over 300 people. Every year the Department of Music holds dozens of concerts by students and faculty, as well as visiting performers such as the Atlanta Boy Choir. The Chapel is wired for recording the ensembles which allows the Department of Music to make CDs for listeners and use in the classroom setting.

992 Central Avenue
Demorest, Ga 30535

Sewell Organ

organ-kf4m0279 2

The Sewell Organ at Piedmont College is housed in the Chapel. It is named in honor of Piedmont alumnus and former trustee Charles K. Sewell (‘54). The organ was designed by Dr. James F. Mellichamp, President, in collaboration with members of the Casavant staff. There are some 3,691 pipes in the organ constructed of various metals and woods. The organ’s key action is mechanical and there is a solid-state electronic combination action which controls the organs stops and couplers. The case of the organ is constructed of oak and features hand-carved and gilded pipe shades.

Brooks Hall


Brooks Hall is located in the downstairs portion of the Chapel. It is the practice and performance room for the ensemble Cantabile, as well as a practice room for organ students.

992 Central Avenue
Demorest, Ga 30535

Arrendale Amphitheater

arrendaleamphitheatre 2

A new performance venue for Piedmont and northeast Georgia opened in October 2009 with the completion of the Arrendale Amphitheater. This 350-seat outdoor performance area features a sculpted metal roof that covers the stage and part of the seating area. Named for the Arrendale family, including board chairman Thomas A. “Gus” Arrendale III, the amphitheater has already hosted a number of public events, including an all-day bluegrass festival, student performances, and public concerts. The amphitheater also won a design award from Metal Architecture magazine for its designers, Armentrout Roebuck Matheny Consulting Group of Athens.

359 College Drive
Demorest, Ga 30535
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