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Student Teacher Learning Outcomes Survey
Self Assessment

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Selected Response Items:

Think about your experiences with this student teacher.  We are interested in learning what this student was prepared for and could do as a beginning teacher.  Indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with each statement. 

1 = Strongly Disagree          2 = Disagree          3 = Agree          4 = Strongly Adgree

1. Ready to effectively manage behavior in a classroom.

2. Knowledgeable about state & federal regulations concerning instructing students with special needs.

3. Knows how to plan units of instruction.

4. Can accommodate the instructional needs of most of my students.

5. Knows how to use tests (e.g. Iowa Tests Of Basic Skills) to adjust instruction to meet the needs of the learner.

6. Can establish a professional, supportive relationship with the other teachers at my school.

7. Is ready to create a productive learning environment in a classroom.

8. Knows how to do administrative duties, paperwork, & classroom instruction with ease.

9. Knows how to use resources available to help do a better job of teaching students.

10. Is able to effectively organize a classroom environment for instruction.

11. Knows their legal responsibilities as a student teacher (e.g., documenting discipline problems, absentees, etc.)

12. Can create an atmosphere in the classroom that is positive.

13.Could make decisions related to covering instructional content in the time allocated.

14.Knows how to supplement the textbook and teacher's guide.

15. Is able to use a variety of classroom assessment strategies to monitor and adjust instruction.

16. Is able to communicate effectively w/ parents.

17. Can be successful in motivating students to achieve at high levels.

18. Is able to integrate technology, including the Internet, computers, and available software, in instruction (or could have, if available).

19. Knows how to combine homework, quizzes, projects, etc. into a grade that reflects student performance.

20. Knows the content of the subject area(s) assigned to teach.

21. Can manage their time effectively.

22. Is able to solve most classroom management and instructional problems encountered during a teaching day.

23. Is able to accommodate the wide range of instructional levels and student needs in the classroom

24. Has successful strategies for handling special learning situations (e.g., special needs, gifted, nonreader).

25. Can group students effectively for instruction.

26. Overall, this student is ready for the classroom.




1. In what areas was this student well prepared?

2.  In what areas was this student least prepared?

3.  What areas do you think were missing from this student's preparation?

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