Piedmont College
School Of Education
College Supervisor Evaluation

Please provide the following information concerning the Piedmont College
supervisor with whom you worked during your clinical experience.
No identification will be saved after receipt and all evaluations will be annoymous. Your
name is to provide verification of enrollment only.
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Supervisor Last Name:
Supervisor First Name:

Please rate your college supervisor according to the following scale:
Not Met
Partially Met
Fully Met
Held an initial conference with my host teacher and me.
Observed me in the classroom an appropriate number of times.
Conferred with me as needed (telephone, in-person, email)
Encouraged the development and implementation of a democratic classroom.
Reviewed, discussed, and evaluated lesson plans in a manner that promoted enhancement of professional teaching strategies and best practice.
Evaluated me using the Student Teacher or Intern Teacher Performance Assessment.
Evaluated my performance during lessons in a school setting with an emphasis on the School of Education Conceptual Framework.
Fostered an atmosphere conducive to communication with all parties involved.
Encouraged reflective practice in addressing classroom situations and problems.
Provided resources and instructional techniques designed to address the needs of all learners.
Modeled a professional demeanor.
Provided assistance and direction in the formulation of the program portfolio.
Provided adequate feedback during visits to help me effectively plan for improvement.

Be sure your information is complete before you insert your data.  Once this is done your answers will be final.  DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE.  When you see the green "Thank You" window you will know your assessment has been submitted properly.