Current Student Resources

Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators

The Professional Standards Commission (or PSC) has adopted standards that represent the conduct generally accepted by the education profession. The code protects the health, safety and general welfare of students and educators, ensures the citizens of Georgia a degree of accountability within the education profession, and defines unethical conduct justifying disciplinary sanction.

Common Core Learning Outcomes (CCLOs)

CCLOs serve as a continually evolving guide to teacher development, practice, and decision-making. For these CCLOs to guide our development as educators and become the habits of mind that drive what we do, faculty and candidates must engage them in recurring dialogue, application, and reflection.

Piedmont College Academic Integrity Policy

In accordance with the mission statement at Piedmont College, it is the responsibility of each member of the Piedmont community to promote an atmosphere of academic integrity and an understanding of intellectual honesty that adheres to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.