Student Teaching Application

Undergraduate Student Teaching

The student teachers will spend the first 2 days of the semester in seminars at Piedmont College. They will then belong to the school full-time, with the exception that the students will go back to Piedmont for additional seminars. If you would like, I can attach a student teaching handbook via email for your review.

Graduate Student Teaching

Graduate student teachers participate in a 15-week full-time placement in an elementary setting. They enroll in EDUC 736, Contextual Analysis of a School Environment which is a co-requiste online course during the teaching semester.

You may obtain a student teaching application or waiver request by clicking on the links below.

Student Teaching Application: ECE, MGE, DRAMA, SPED

Waiver Request

Please contact the Field Placement Coordinator, Ms. Kathy Bolt, at 706-433-1759 ext. 8008, or, if you have questions or problems.